Saturday, May 21, 2005

Our first album, Soca Punk! You can download it here - but we are really asking that you don't. This fair and reasonable review from Skratch magazine in the US comminicates it well;

"Confusion about Gallucci will eternally reign after listening and researching this band. You're left asking yourself, "Is this a joke? Are you serious?" Musically, this band is absolute chaos, as they create a mixture of grindcore and rock, trying to come across as art. Professionally, Gallucci is a trainwreck. On their disastrous Website, the band claims, "We recorded this album to find band members." So why am I wasting my time? Well, it's my job as a SKRATCH writer to look at all material objectively...but this has to be the biggest piece of wasted plastic to ever enter my mailbox. Avoid this band. -Luke Skywalker"

But, you will find Andy Cowland (from Further) on bass and Clint Hyndman (from Something For Kate) on drums - so I guess that's something. A beginning I guess - Amateur but Energetic. Certainly better than staying at home anyway.