Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just pulled an all-nighter to shoot the first (and probably only) video clip for the new album 'Click to Switch'. This one was for 'Song for D. Boon to Sing'. In the room was uncanny resembler Rowan Dix (aka Joyride) and behind the lens, Mike Williams....... soon, soon, soon, it's on it's way!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here is the heavy deet and links for our song 'Brothers Since Birth' from Click to Switch (Note: big-store mersh links provided to keep the legals okay, not to endorse the selling websites!). Talk about fine print.......

*Roger Casement: Sounds came from Padraic Colum - Purchase Here. *Joseph Conrad: Sounds came from 'Heart of Darkness' from ABC Radio National's The Bookreading, read by William Zappa. *OrsonWelles/John Milius/Francis Ford Coppola: Sounds Came from 'Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse' - Purchase Here. *Martin Sheen (Estevez)/Michael Herr: Sounds came from 'Apocalypse Now' - Purchase Here. *Jim Morrison: Sounds came from 'The Hill Dwellers' from The Doors 'In Concert' album - Purchase Here. *Joe Strummer: Sounds came from BBC World Service program 'Joe Strummer's - London Calling' - Download Here. *Sean Flynn. *Bob Cousy/Jerry West: Sounds Came from 'NBA on TNT' theme music - Purchase NBA Games Here. *Press Maravich/Pistol Pete Maravich: Sounds Came from 'Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball' - Purchase Here. *Calvin Murphy(+Red Auerbach): Sounds Came from 'Red on Roundball - Dexterity/Dribbling' - Purchase NBA TV Here. *Isiah Thomas. *Zephyr Lads: Sounds Came from 'Dogtown and Z-Boys' - Purchase Here. *Lance Mountain: Sounds Came from '411 video magazine' intro theme by Sol the Boxcar - Purchase Here (much better from your local skateshop though....). *Mike Vallely: Sounds Came from 'Drive: My Life in Skateboarding' - Purchase Here. *John Muir: Sounds Came from 'Sligo Creek' by Al Petteway - Purchase Here - which was used in Ken Burns' 'The National Parks: America's Best Idea'- Purchase Here. *National Geographic Magazine: Sounds Came from National Geographic Channel's theme music - Purchase (NGS Stuff) Here. *The Avalanches: Sounds Came from 'Extra Kings' on their album 'Since I Left You' - Purchase Here. *Wikipedia - Donate Here. *Studs Terkel: Sounds Came from This Program on American Public Radio - Donate Here. *Ira Glass/Planet Money: Sounds Came from 'This American Life' #423 - Donate Here. *Tom Morton: Sounds Came from 'The Many Lives of Roger Casement' on ABC Radio National's Hindsight. *Nick Franklin: Sounds Came from 'The Fish & Chips and the Meaning of Life' on ABC Radio National's Encounter. *Tony Barrell. *The Night Air: Sounds Came from Gallucci's Night Air program on ABC Radio National 'Paranoid Parade' - Download Here. *Mike Watt: Sounds Came from 'Big Train' on his 'Ball-hog or Tugboat' album - Purchase Here. *Joe Lally: Sounds Came from 'Long Division' on Fugazi's 'Steady Diet of Nothing' album - Purchase Here. *Paul Simonon: Sounds Came from 'Charlie Don't Surf' on The Clash's 'Sandinista' album - Purchase Here. *Fela Anikulapo Kuti: Sounds Came from the track/album 'Confusion' - Purchase Here. *Flea: Sounds Came from 'I've Been Down' on the 'Basketball Diaries' soundtrack - Purchase Here. *Dada/John Coltrane: Sounds Came from 'Lord, Help Me To Be' on John and Alice's 'Cosmic Music' album - Purchase Here. *Pharoah Sanders: Sounds Came from 'Love Is Everywhere' on his 'Love In Us All' album - Purchase Here. *Benito Mussolini: Sounds Came from the 1934 Taranto Speech.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't get that many chances to put up a basketball photo that's worth a damn..... So not missing this chance. Dig Deeper Here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you like $$$ money...... but in a perhaps non-normal way? As in, you're not madly focused on your own dollar-mite account so much, but you do find the way it works the world as a whole, pretty intriguing? If so, NPR's Planet Money blog/Podcast was made specifically to buzz your grey matter - Listen in and you'll be a fraudulent bedroom economist in no time! Dig deeper here.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Are you aware that there is a third brother NicNac out there? Aaron Thomas - who we indeed love like any other galluccian - is older than Jacob, younger than Timothy, and a non-fender twin (yes, there are 4 of us!). He's an intriguing man of numbers and games. He was a national magic champion, a pro poker player for a while, was mad enough to think he could sort out the family business Pappa Nicastri runs, and has no cartelige left in his knees from too much Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Aaron spends most waking moments at his gaming joint out in Sydney's west, Gamezilla, where there is something nerdily cool happening in our opinion. Community!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An excellent film, basically about the endless paranoia of being a sound engineer, I get it Harry, I get it..... Mr Coppola made this gem between the two Godfathers, and besides it's fantastic poster above, it's also one of the very few films that features John Cazale in front of the lens. You've actually heard bits of it in our NightAir Mixtape, come to think of it.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mike Vallely, a true skateboarder, with a unique expressive style, a way with words, and a lengthy, storied career...... He's a complex contradictory man at times, but is always handing out free inspirato to anyone who cares to pay attention, and this is a rare thing. Dig Deeper Here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Very sad to write that our friend, broadcaster Tony Barrell passed away last night peacefully at his home in Balmain. Tony was 70 years old. Only yesterday I was sitting next to him chatting away, just after he gave a masterclass-thing about his great radio doco making. Tony and Gallucci visited the White Bay Power Station a few months back, gathering voice material for the next (eventual) Gallucci album..... Sad to think we'll never get to do that tune live with him, but glad that his words are on tape for us to share with you, in time.

You can download an mp3 of 'Listening For Pleasure - The Radio Work of Tony Barrell' here.

We've also started this other spot to collate Tony's various works - Though it's at an early work in progress stage...... http://tonybarrellarchive.blogspot.com/

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The recently icy relationship between architects and skateboarders (think knobbly skatestoppers on building ledges) may now be thawing somewhat, and in of all places, cold cold Oslo in Norway, where skateboarding was totally illegal between 1979 and 1989. It's not just reverting back to the good old days when architects were blissfully unaware of the terranical perfection they were creating either - Some are now misdirecting their employers on the purpose of a building, and consulting skateboarders on things like surface and flow. The Oslo Opera House above is one hell of an example. Take a look at this 2008 article from Wired Magazine.

(vaguely borrowing the words of Ian Mackaye in Mike Vallely's film Drive), is about redefining. If a kid can redefine a lifeless gutter or a uninspired parking lot into a place for artistic/physical expression, they can take those skills and redefine themselves and the their entire world along the way. Very interesting to think of that not even being necessary.... but someone else will again redefine I'm sure. In 1980 Mike Watt asked 'who makes the definitions anyway?' - An important question.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If you're ever in need of general wardrobe inspirato, Craig Sager is your guy. Sage's various stylistic choices (within the framework of the suit), easily outdo the colours of the NBA jerseys he stands next to game after game, as sideline commentator for TNT's weekly double-header. Tragedy, comedy, and pure style - in every colour of the rainbow.......... A salute to you Mr Sager from the men of Gallucci. Dig Deeper here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr Paul Gough is a man of admirable and worldly contribution. Father of two fine growing lads, amateur chef of great instinct, invaluable friend to Fratelli Gallucci, and (for light and shade) possesses a temper that could make Our Father Below green with envy. Under his musical moniker Pimmon, staring into the brightness of the screen as a man walking toward the light, he convinces even the most cynical that noise is not noise, and (in the right hands) a single laptop can be a truly musical instrument. Along with this, on the radio program 'Paul's Playlunch' on Sydney's FBi 94.5 you get the chance to flick though his gargantuan record library like a small child lost in the forest. On his other radio program 'The Quiet Space' on ABC Radio National he provides a mesmerizing 4am listening experience, exposing music that would otherwise be rarely (or never) heard on such a large scale...... inciting this recent letter to the editor. Gold!Download a pinch of 'Pimmon' here+here.
Download a bite of 'Paul's Playlunch' here.
Download a shhhhhh of 'The Quiet Space' here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

San Pedro's own Thunderbroom Sailor, Mike Watt has been back in town on Stooges BDO business in the last few days, so we went out to chow some squid and also recorded a marathon interview spiel for a radio doc on his post-fIREHOSE works. It was great to see him after so long since our gig together in '06..... We even got our ugly mugs onto Watt's Hootpage tour diary too (scroll down some). Chuffed!

Download a glimpse of the interview with Watt here (backed by 'Intense Song for Madonna to Sing').

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gallucci's 'Save a Dying Thinking Man' project is getting underway! This is where we place old National Geographic Magazines (complete with amazing flicks and cultural lid-flips) in Doctor's waiting rooms across the land, in the hopes of saving us from 'Fading Celebrity Weight Gain Gossip Girl Magazine' etc. etc. If you'd like to get involved and do this in your own locale, we will happily send you some stickers and assist with finding magazines. Get in touch - diepunkdeath@yahoo.com