Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just pulled an all-nighter to shoot the first (and probably only) video clip for the new album 'Click to Switch'. This one was for 'Song for D. Boon to Sing'. In the room was uncanny resembler Rowan Dix (aka Joyride) and behind the lens, Mike Williams....... soon, soon, soon, it's on it's way!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here is the heavy deet and links for our song 'Brothers Since Birth' from Click to Switch (Note: big-store mersh links provided to keep the legals okay, not to endorse the selling websites!). Talk about fine print.......

*Roger Casement: Sounds came from Padraic Colum - Purchase Here. *Joseph Conrad: Sounds came from 'Heart of Darkness' from ABC Radio National's The Bookreading, read by William Zappa. *OrsonWelles/John Milius/Francis Ford Coppola: Sounds Came from 'Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse' - Purchase Here. *Martin Sheen (Estevez)/Michael Herr: Sounds came from 'Apocalypse Now' - Purchase Here. *Jim Morrison: Sounds came from 'The Hill Dwellers' from The Doors 'In Concert' album - Purchase Here. *Joe Strummer: Sounds came from BBC World Service program 'Joe Strummer's - London Calling' - Download Here. *Sean Flynn. *Bob Cousy/Jerry West: Sounds Came from 'NBA on TNT' theme music - Purchase NBA Games Here. *Press Maravich/Pistol Pete Maravich: Sounds Came from 'Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball' - Purchase Here. *Calvin Murphy(+Red Auerbach): Sounds Came from 'Red on Roundball - Dexterity/Dribbling' - Purchase NBA TV Here. *Isiah Thomas. *Zephyr Lads: Sounds Came from 'Dogtown and Z-Boys' - Purchase Here. *Lance Mountain: Sounds Came from '411 video magazine' intro theme by Sol the Boxcar - Purchase Here (much better from your local skateshop though....). *Mike Vallely: Sounds Came from 'Drive: My Life in Skateboarding' - Purchase Here. *John Muir: Sounds Came from 'Sligo Creek' by Al Petteway - Purchase Here - which was used in Ken Burns' 'The National Parks: America's Best Idea'- Purchase Here. *National Geographic Magazine: Sounds Came from National Geographic Channel's theme music - Purchase (NGS Stuff) Here. *The Avalanches: Sounds Came from 'Extra Kings' on their album 'Since I Left You' - Purchase Here. *Wikipedia - Donate Here. *Studs Terkel: Sounds Came from This Program on American Public Radio - Donate Here. *Ira Glass/Planet Money: Sounds Came from 'This American Life' #423 - Donate Here. *Tom Morton: Sounds Came from 'The Many Lives of Roger Casement' on ABC Radio National's Hindsight. *Nick Franklin: Sounds Came from 'The Fish & Chips and the Meaning of Life' on ABC Radio National's Encounter. *Tony Barrell. *The Night Air: Sounds Came from Gallucci's Night Air program on ABC Radio National 'Paranoid Parade' - Download Here. *Mike Watt: Sounds Came from 'Big Train' on his 'Ball-hog or Tugboat' album - Purchase Here. *Joe Lally: Sounds Came from 'Long Division' on Fugazi's 'Steady Diet of Nothing' album - Purchase Here. *Paul Simonon: Sounds Came from 'Charlie Don't Surf' on The Clash's 'Sandinista' album - Purchase Here. *Fela Anikulapo Kuti: Sounds Came from the track/album 'Confusion' - Purchase Here. *Flea: Sounds Came from 'I've Been Down' on the 'Basketball Diaries' soundtrack - Purchase Here. *Dada/John Coltrane: Sounds Came from 'Lord, Help Me To Be' on John and Alice's 'Cosmic Music' album - Purchase Here. *Pharoah Sanders: Sounds Came from 'Love Is Everywhere' on his 'Love In Us All' album - Purchase Here. *Benito Mussolini: Sounds Came from the 1934 Taranto Speech.