Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Sydney's confused soca punks Gallucci deliver a peculiar mixtape for ABC Radio National's The Night Air this week, exploring 'The Lighter Side of Male Paranoia'. From watching the waistbelt, to lady worries and fear of the big man, all angles of this humourous and primarly masculine twinge are opened up for pot shots and low brow hubbub. Musically you'll hear Hot Snakes, Minutemen, Coltrane, Daniel Johnston (tons more too) along with ABC archive of Devo, Thomas Pynchon & Tony Barrell with Hunter S. Thompson, as well as tasty contributions from Ray Ahn, Richard Meltzer, Mike Watt, Michael C. Ford, Mykel Board (and anyone else you can think of named Michael)...... Join Gallucci on Paranoid Parade!"
If you reside anywhere down under, hear it on your local Radio National frequency, as part of The Night Air; 9pm Sun 14th Nov. or Midnight Sat 20th Nov.