Friday, March 17, 2017

So, life's ticking on with serioso 'adult' stuff in full swing now, but the pilot light of gallucci is lit! A convo at family christmas, plus an out-of-the-sky gig invite from those Hoodlum Shouts blokes (cheers fellas) had us locating each other in the only available timeslot of 0600-0900. In those early hours of the day it was cool to find some over-think and desperation fading as the years progress, replaced with (what felt like) instinctive express and old-fashioned brotherly connect. In the interest of hearing what we were doing, each were assigned a speaker, and really, that was that. So now it's the year of the little rooster........ We've been waiting for this.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Just in time for the release of the next recording, we finally finished a video for the previous one.... Timely, strategic, efficient - Man are we good over at the dpd offices! Really it just took that long to get through the finalcut user manual. All said, we're chuffed with the result, and now feel it's the ultimate working of a 'Song for D. Boon to Sing'. Thanks again to Joyride for being so generous with his big-ass body and time, and Mike Williams for massive help, realising the vision behind the lens!