Thursday, February 5, 2009

Although this poster fails to mention the month it will occur, Gallucci is going on tour as Joe Lally's backing band in March! We're very excited for the honour of playing with Joe and practicing till bleeding. We hope very much to see you out there. Joe'cci - Touring every month forever...... Dig Deeper Here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's some B-Roll from getting the artwork together for the new Gallucci release '227' (as in State#2, Floor#2, ABC Studio#7). There are only yellow leads in use in that studio.... I later got blisters from unravling the mess - but it was well worth it.
Postcard of the month.... 'Eurostralia'
ABC Radio National is Australia's best source of Brain-Food. If you've got the guts to tune the radio in and then just leave it there, over a good length of time (though on occasion it can certainly be boring, snooty, academic and annoying) the amazing gems of knowlege, strangeness and obscurity will start to become apparent - even to the dimmest of us........... Dig Deeper Here.

Also, Download a podcast of some condensed good stuff here.