Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. not only had a great name, but was a James Bond-like CIA man - key in removing Mohammed Mossadeq from power in Iran in 1953. In Operation Ajax he firstly put 80% of the Iranian Press onto his payroll, writing daily stories calling Mossadeq a British agent, a Jew and a homosexual. Next, he hired a gang leader known as 'Shaban The Brainless' to run the streets with his mob, smashing shops, firing guns into Mosques and being generally violent around the place - all the while yelling "We love Communism and we love Mossadeq!" Not feeling this was sufficient, he then hired another mob to attack the first mob, putting the country into a state of total chaos. All of this and many more insane exploits (see CIA document: Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq Of Iran) set the scene for the coup d'├ętat and re-installed the Shah - which eventually led to the Iranian Revolution. What a mess!