Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr Paul Gough is a man of admirable and worldly contribution. Father of two fine growing lads, amateur chef of great instinct, invaluable friend to Fratelli Gallucci, and (for light and shade) possesses a temper that could make Our Father Below green with envy. Under his musical moniker Pimmon, staring into the brightness of the screen as a man walking toward the light, he convinces even the most cynical that noise is not noise, and (in the right hands) a single laptop can be a truly musical instrument. Along with this, on the radio program 'Paul's Playlunch' on Sydney's FBi 94.5 you get the chance to flick though his gargantuan record library like a small child lost in the forest. On his other radio program 'The Quiet Space' on ABC Radio National he provides a mesmerizing 4am listening experience, exposing music that would otherwise be rarely (or never) heard on such a large scale...... inciting this recent letter to the editor. Gold!Download a pinch of 'Pimmon' here+here.
Download a bite of 'Paul's Playlunch' here.
Download a shhhhhh of 'The Quiet Space' here.